M.O.C Ekimu, the wandering king

trashy photography as usual! enjoy!
anyway this character travels the land of Spherus Magna in search for worthy foes, he believes that killing is disgraceful as it scares the land that Mata Nui provided. know one knows where he came from and even less know when he came into possession of a mask of creation. He is highly skilled worrier and will defend those that are Innocent and good willed, he is also a good mentor, as he’s taught the Toa Spherus a few battle techniques.


lools very nice n unique from other ekimu Mocs with the trans orange and the mask of control on the chest works seamlessly

Then why is he intimidating the poor Skagox? :frowning:


well I was trying to capture the Skagox attacking him by trying out the new mouth concept idea, but fret not! Ekimu is a bit of a softy when it comes to Rahi, even un-dead ones!

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I like it for the most part. Its unique, but i wish the MoC was up higher. It makes ekimu look a bit tubby. Also, can we see a blue version of this?

The torso from what I can see is pretty good, not a fan of red Ekimu and the hammer.

What is this genmixing!


I would if I had the right blue pieces.

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The use of the mask of control on the chest works nicely, although the trans orange is a bit odd for ekimu.

I agree, it does look odd, but I feel red is a more royal colour.

The use of orange for an Ekimu MOC is very interesting, and definitely gives it some uniqueness. The use of the Mask of Control as chest armor is really creative, and I like the shield piece on its back.

Really like the trans-orange with Ekimu, works really well for this version!

I’m also a big fan of flags on backs for some reason…