M.O.C Great being guardian

these bots where responsible for protecting the great beings during the core war, some are still active to this day on the planet Spherus Magna, they are highly dangerous and a word of caution should be made if anyone wants to look around in an abandoned great being structure, they are capable of creating various heat visions from their singular eye, and a able to jump great heights thanks to their rocket propelled feet. Also they are equipped with two sharp like appendages to either killing opponents or defend themselves and their makers with.


Very unique style of MOC that I have not seen much of before. The gold blades make for a very ornate look, and I like that.

Sorta reminds me of the darkness possessed bird statues from fable 3; I like it.

I’m not a big fan of the head, bit the rest is pretty cool

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This looks great! I love the overall silhouette of the moc. Though it took me a while to spot the head, and I could do without the one gold shoulder.

Cool. The silhouette of the MOC particularly sticks out to me, as do the foot design and blades.

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Well one, I didn’t have another gold or silver unification piece,and two just pretend that all the silver parts were gold at one point, but it rubbed off over time. (I wish I did have more gold pieces for this moc but oh well.) thanks anyway for the criticism!

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That would actually be pretty cool. I would be able to run with that a bit better if he had gold bits sprinkled in other parts of the moc.