M.O.C Petrum the Skrall

I have never really known what a female Skrall would look like, so I made one.


Looks pretty good but the feet look kinda strange.

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That smooth sw add on works surprisingly well as a female breast plate

Not bad! My only critique is that the legs are too short and the feet look odd.

Imperial Skralls…awesome!

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I cant say I dislike it. Nicely done!

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I just hope those pieces don’t end up like the Nuva and Rahkshi pieces on female based mocs…

so a skrall working for the empire… i"m starting feel bad for the agori

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In the story, the female skrall lived separately from the males and had psionic powers. They didn’t really carry weapons or even wear armour.

That said, for a feminine build that DOES wear armour and carry a weapon, this is pretty amazing. I love the unique shape of her sword and can imagine that head part used in it might have some significance to her. The shoulders are awesome, she’s well proportioned, and the breastplate makes sense for a female warrior.

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ah okay, well thanks anyway!