M.O.C Sir Junky

this little piece of junk has been sitting on my window sill for a while.
it’s a heavy lifting robot used by matoran, this one in-particular accidentally received a personality after an electrical storm fried his circuits a bit.

what the heavy lifiting robot usually looks like:

anyway, on with the pictures, good chaps!

Finding alien tech…

checking out what alien technology does…

ready for battle, chaps!

size comparisons:

other stuff…


That’s no tablescrap…

I really love the steampunk vibe he has.

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It’s a cubebot…

Wait, that’s not the subject?..

Anyways, cool moc, waist seems fragile though.

the waste is pretty fragile, but oh well.

The face is really cool and that top hat is the icing on the cake
Really cool moc

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thanks mate!

Cheers love. Calvary’s here!

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good show old boy!

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I really love those feet. Reminds me of the old Mctoran feet.

This is the most dashing labor bot I have seen

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Pretty cool MOC, would look good with the Klinkers tribe of Mixels.

Pretty nifty. I like the foot design and the alien tech he carries.

The only complaint I have is… Wait I don’t have one

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Now my favorite moc of the day.

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Looks pretty cool! Love the steampunkish look.

Also, it rings a couple bells

heh I forgot about that moc calln made.

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don’t get me wrong, your moc still looks great

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I love the face and the top hat. Somehow the random weapon stands out as really creative too.

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This is pretty cool.
I like the proportions and colours of this MOC.
For the fragile waist I suggest putting a 2 long red axle in the ball joint brick and the Technic connector.

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hey would ya look at that
I made a piece of junk with the same name