M.O.C Thunder revamp

to celebrate my birthday, I decided to make thunder, my first HF set

ahhhhhhhhhhhh the memories

it’s not the best iv’e ever created but I think it’s a fine build.


The neck pistons are quite nice, and the hunchback is accomplished in a solid, compact way. Good job. My one complaint would be the weird shoulder thing, as it doesn’t mesh with the rest of the figures style. I would also mention the color-scheme, but, well, based on the original, you didn’t have many options.


great as always. could use some yellow tho

Happy Birthday, and nice build. :tada:

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Can he count yet, tho.

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“Happy birthday”
~Greg, Reviving Bionicle


Always nice to see HF getting some love. Good work!

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Impressive, most impressive

This looks great!

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thanks man! but if I might ask,is there anything I could improve on with this one?

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I’d say filling out the legs would be a good start. The upper legs especially are a bit too bony.

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You should remake the upper hands.

Nice revamp, not much else I can say.

You pulled off the asymmetrical asthethic it has

it’s nice

It’s nice to see HF 1.0 villains get some love.They always were the best designed villains of the line.

Now that’s epic