M.O.C Umarak the Hunter

inspiration from Ghosty, as he’s made possible body frames before. sorry for the photo’s, there not the best today.


What’s with the can opener he’s wielding?


for your information, it’s a hook to rip things heads off.

Ftfy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It really looks like an old can opener, the gear doesn’t help.

Torso’s pretty good btw, legs are a little too long for it though.


Very interesting torso design; quite unorthodox, but I think it looks really good.

As others have said, the weapon is a bit underwhelming… the hook idea is fine, but he needs a bigger one. Also I’m not sold on the shadow trap halves facing inwards.

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Definitely looks more agile n savage in this form, ready to pounce and kill at any given moment as opposed to the passive long-ranged hunter that was released


An excellent revamp. The weapon is good but I still prefer his iconic bow.

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that torso is sick


There are a few good improvements, not digging he legs or the red crotch.


I guess, anyway that’s a Tyre piece but I see what you mean.

The more arched back and longer legs definitely give him more of a Wendigo look I got from his set. The larger horns also make him look more imposing.

while I was building him I was starting to get that Wendigo vibe more than the actual set, better get that flame-thrower out…

That torso is amazing! So is everything else! This has to be your best moc yet imo.

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I wish you gave him a bow, but the use of the custom torso is spot-on, and better than anything I can do. Nice job!

I wish I could give him a bow too, but I sacrificed the large bone pieces for the antlers.

i love the arm supports, also please add a bow

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I wish I could, but I sacrificed it for the horns and other mocs.

ok, I understand :slight_smile:

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Next revamp is Umarak the Destroyer

I wish. Probably will never get since I’m in australia