M.O.C Wish Bone

let the puns begin!
Admiral of the kulta’s army, you might have seen him in this picture:

decided to revamp him a little.


This is the first time i’ve seen a kohli puck used on a moc…and it works great


It’s not a fish
The moc has good shape but I question some of the 2x2 white plate look-

Interesting use of the Kohlii puck on his chest. I’m not so sure about the rest of it, though.He’s got an nice silhouette at the very least, but the skeletal limbs (even if it’s intentional, it can still be counted as a negative) really mess with him, and the armor on the upper arms just looks awkward.

I kinda like him though. Does the job.

not bad, and your camera work has gotten a lot better.

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Pretty decent looking, I kinda wish there was trans bones in there to match the rest of the skull villains.

Pretty nice. I like the overall silhouette of the torso and how you integrated the Kohli puck.

I like how you use the Kohli ball!

Huh. Never seen a Kohlii puck used as armor before, but it actually looks really cool, like a spiral energy heart.


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