M.O.C Zerak V3 + more stuff...

a revamped toa of water and mocs that are either recoloured, revamps or are works in progress.

that’s it for today.
comments are welcomed as well as critics


Zerak is pretty nice, but pales when compared to your other stuff.

The extra stuff is nice I guess.

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hmm, I agree, how do ya recon I could improve him?

Maybe less texture. Right now I think he has a bit much, making it look a bit messy.

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Nice builds here

These are some pretty good builds here. I must say that I enjoy the black and gold creation best. Although, the green bohrok eyes in the armpit areas stick out. I also like the green creation for how alien it looks. In my opinion, the one with the Matatu has a rather unorthodox foot build.

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Some of these are really disturbing…

Ha! which ones?

The plant skelly without feet, the one above it, the creepy burd above Htes giving a thumbs-up, and Benny the spaceman.

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the plant skelly is unfinished, and I love classic space! and I have yet to make a topic of that bird moc I made. but yea, I see where your coming from!

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