M:Tron CM-83 "Pugilist"

Another M:Tron mech!

The only dedicated combat mech owned by the M:Tron corporation, it was originally designed to defend the corporate headquarters. Due to the increasing threat of Blacktron, these mechs have begun being deployed to high value operations.

Obligatory front and back.

Cannon arm. Features a 130mm plasma cannon, fully capable of penetrating the thickest Blacktron armor.

Rotating crystal blade shield. A shield made of a crystal can easily cut through most forms of armor.

Does this look like the face of mercy?!

M:Tron logo.

A couple of mediocre action shots.

Blade arm features a pair of 20mm light lasers, capable of eliminating Blacktron infantry quickly.

Definitely my favorite mech so far.

As always, comments and crits are welcome!


Out of all your M Tron MOCs so far, this is probably my favorite!

Cute face… cool mech

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Mine too.

I love this big boi.

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Thanks! I’ve always been better at combat mechs as opposed to utility mechs.

Yep, at least 1 of us is happy while the other gets shot.


This would actually fit perfectly in the Lego movie in my opinion

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