M:Tron mining craft

Yet another M:Tron model, but it’s a ship this time!

A ship designed for cutting up asteroids, the hull is quite sturdy, but not military grade, so he has to watch out for Blacktron troops in the area.

You know how this works by now.

Impulse engines, with a pair of directing fins.

Grasper for grabbing valuable asteroid pieces, and tossing them to a nearby freighter.

Tri-part cutting laser, powerful enough to cut through almost any substance to be found.

The pilot, grinning at the prospect of adventuring into the wild black yonder! (And making a buck or two while he’s at it.)

The M:Tron logo.

Crits and Comments are always, always welcom!


I think you should probably post those M Tron MOCs on a site like EuroBricks were older fans are. I think they would be a lot more appreciated there than here.

As for the MOC, it’s probably my favorite M: Tron one you made so far!

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As always, this is a great reimagining of M:Tron. The only thing I’d do more to this would probably be some wheels


Maybe, but I’m not in Europe, nor have I ever been to Europe.


Why wheels? It’s a space craft.

Well, if it’s for mining I expect it to be mining on a planet.

Good thing is, you don’t have to be from Europe to use Eurobricks :smile:. I think actually there are more people out of Europe than Europeans on that site.

Point made.

For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me.

That is just how the site is called… Most of the users there are from America actually.
So you could use it too if you wanted to.

Haven’t seen that. I guess i jumped over it.