M4T7 (Self MOC) V2

This is the second version M4T7, my self MOC. With some improvements, but the build is basically the same.

Instead of the two wrist mounted grapnel launchers, he now has twin handguns red hood style.
The build of the legs(upper and lower), the body, and the lower arms are the same exact build. But, the head, and the upper arms are new builds that were designed by me.
Here is a size comparison with my 2015 (okotan) Ekimu revamp
Thanks and C&C is appreciated


The arms definitely need work, but a solid start.

Not too bad, I appreciate the attempt at customizing your Self MOC this early on, many Self-MOCs start as an Inika build or a simple CCBS skeleton.

I wanted to have to have a small shoulder compared to my V1 MOC. And I haven’t seen anyone do something like this before, so I gave it a shot and I was happy about it.

The Moc is nice, but your post formatting could really use some work.

Try putting each new image on a new line, especially if you are using portrait oriented photo’s…

I really like this guy, but you might want to move around the images so that they aren’t misaligned or scattered around the page.

From what I can see, due to the lighting effect, this thing is quite good

These look solid