Machine Gun

So @White_Rainbow asked about weapons. I made a machine gun but no melee weapons as of yet.
It has a function so when you spin a small gear it makes the bullet chain spin around


How well can a Moc wield it?

It looks really good, but I’m curious to see how it looks with a MOC wielding it.

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It looks really cool!

I think you should use more monochrome parts, though.

I love how the chain was made.

Looks legit.
How do mocs hold it?

I like it, but can a moc hold it good?

Great use of tread pieces.

I like it

Ho Ho Ho
Can I have it?

Nice! I like the way you used those tread pieces and just the general look of the gun overall.

“She weighs one hundred kilograms and fires two thousand dollar custom tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. It costs two hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon… for twelve seconds.”


Now all we need is a gangster character /s

This looks great. The chain gives it an interesting look

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Or Misha, the Heavy.

Or Bruce Willis

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I call her Natasha… xD


I thought she was Sasha.

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I think you are correct actually xD my mistake

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Isn’t Natasha another one of his fiance’s?

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Nah, Natascha is one of his guns in the collection, like the Tomislav or the Brass Beast.

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They aren’t ordinary guns.
They are his waifus.