Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron (sign-up and OOC discussion)

It feels a little railroad-y. I feel like my character, at least, didn’t have a whole lot of freedom and that there often wasn’t more than one option to approach a situation.

It’s easy to start accidentally railroading folks in more linear games like this- heck, I’m guilty of it myself in some situations, I’ll admit- but you can run a game like this while still giving players the necessary amount of freedom and ability to develop their own approach to situations.

But I realize that may have changed, as it seems I’ve missed a lot. May I have a summary of what’s happened since… Sunday night, please?

The find ended, Scaleraker lost, you all are now back in the cages, Manta revealed her plan to get off Cybertron, now we are arguing how to escape from the Seacons.
I am also going to make a timeskip soon.

Alright, thanks.

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Name: Megatron
Faction: None (technically Vehicon but not really)

This is his outside shell, that hides this form:

Alt-mode: Dragon, kinda like this

Weapons, abilities, equipment: TBD
Bio: Megatron is trying his best to get rid of all organivmc life on Cybertron, including himself. He knows that before he could call a victory he must capture Manta Ray, who carries the key to his defeat without even knowing.

Name: Diagnostic drone
Faction: Vehicon

Alt-mode: none
Weapons, abilities, equipment: flight, different gadgets that are stored in his hands, etc
Bio: Megatron’s medical drone that helps him trying to turn himself into a fully technological being. He is cocky, arrogant, calm, and has a brittish accent.

Name: Starscream
Faction: Decepticon

But… You know… More ghostly.
Alt mode: jet
Weapons, abilities, equipment: typical ghost powers, etc.
Bio: TBA

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I am absolutely certain that old Screamer here is our ‘Salvation’

Seeing that I added him to the story after I finished making the storyline, the answer is no.


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If you have some specific reason for Drillbit to fight halfshell, let me know. I don’t wanna disrupt your plans.

Because it’s in character for him to want to fight the biggest dude in the room.

Okay, i didn’t know if there was some huge plot reason for it.

There isn’t.

Alright, I’m back. What all have I missed?

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All the generals showed up and now we are fighting them.

Alright, sorry for my absence. I’ve been out of it lately.
What’s going on, and how should I hop back in? I’m kind of confused.

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We are still fighting the generals.

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@BlackBeltGamer98 Transwarp sure likes his Grenades doesn’t he.

What’s not to like? They’re portable, small and make a nice big boom.


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@Toa_Vladin I’m a little lost. What do you recommend I have Forager do?

Dire and Transwarp are in the middle of nowhere.
Scaleraker is in an underground crater.
And Forager and Slyther are with the Seacons.
I forsee some interesting interaction.
Not to mention the next plotline.