Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

OOC: Must I remind tho that said prison was redacted by the state, so it is hidden?
IC: @BlackBeltGamer98 He nodded.
“Any other questions?”

“Yeah, where is the Oracle and where are the others?” He asked.

OOC: then where is Halfshell and co. going? Just wandering around until they find it?

“First of all, I don’t know where the Oracle is either. I already told you.”

OOC: They have Weirdwolf leading them.

OOC: So they do know where the prison is then?

OOC: Of course. Weirdwolf is coming from it.

OOC: OH… the OLD prison not the one that’s still active somewhere.


OOC: okay, let’s be straight forward, is he going to the prison he was in, or the second prison?

OOC: He was in.

OOC: okay, so no noise.

IC: scaleraker looked around for a tall building.

There was none.
“Come on, son! Faster!”

“Will you just shut up!” He yelled back, looking for something, anything to climb.

There were numerous piles of destroyed buildings or constructions surrounding him.

He tried to find one that he thought would hold his weight.

He would, and from there he would be able to see Weirdwolf and Halfshell approaching the horison.

“Slag” he muttered, and jumped down. “Their almost out of sight. Climb on, we need to get moving.”

He already was on.

OOC: :tuma: Sorry, I’m a little tired today.

Scaleraker set off at a decent clip, hoping to try and keep them from getting too far.

“No… I don’t think so. Maybe Moley made it earlier?” Forager replies.

Moley chirps, which was sadly of no help to anyone.