Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Moley quickly ceases its drilling and backs off, letting out a high-pitched whine.

“You alright?” Forager asks the drone, with a sense of urgency in his tone. Moley beeps a response.

“Uh… okay… I’ll take that as a yes,” Forager replies. He looks up at the wall.

“Aight, so that won’t work…” he observes.

“But this will!” Drill Bit yelled as he charge with his drill at the wall. It obviously doesn’t work, and the shock throws him off balanced and to the ground.
“Oh… Oh! Hey! Look!” he said, pointing to a small tunnel hidden in the dark not too far away of them, visible from his current angle. It was too small for Drill Bit and Moley, but perfect for Forager.

Slyther grabbed his whip as well.
“No we’re not.” He growled angrily.

“Not this again.” Transwarp groaned.

Forager, taking note of the passage, sighs deeply.

Slag, man…” he curses quietly, transforming to beast mode. He then looks over to Drill Bit and Moley.

“Aight, I’m gonna check it out,” he says. “If I ain’t back in ten minutes, come an’ get me, or I will hurt you.”

All the Decepticons pointed their weapond at them.

The tunnel was narrow, dark, and wet. It had no apparent end.

Slyther looked around and transformed into a snake.

Lugnut tried to step on him.

Transwarp shot at Lugnut to try and deter him, “Back off.” He said.

Fortunately, the night vision that Forager’s beast mode afforded him would help him to see through the darkness. He crawls through the tunnel, grumbling to himself all the while.

"‘Come with us’, they said. ‘Escape Cybertron’, they said. Now look at me…"

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IC: Scaleraker walked down the hallway, his clawed hand scraping on the wall to keep his bearings.

This only angeted Lugnut, who charged at Transwarp.

The tunnel would make a sudden turn to the left.

Thevstaircase continued, but one of the floors would have a pair of destroyed doors.

His hand would go through the open doorway. “There’s an opening over here!” He says.

Forager follows the path, attaching his cutting laser to the end of his tail in case he’d need an impromptu weapon.

Transwarp tried to shoot at Lugnut, aiming to bring him down.

“What’s on the other side?”

He would enter in a new portion of the tunnel, mutch smoother and denser.

His fire only angered the beast as he tried to punch him.

Forager follows the path, readying his laser in case he needed to widen the tunnel.

He could see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Sure to figurative bones that wasn’t a good sign, Forager slows his pace and tries to keep quiet, listening for any sound as he creeps toward the light.

He could see that it was an entrance. He could hear voices very far away.