Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

It was at times like this that Scaleraker wished he had ranged capabilities.

If he would look more closely, he could see two types of figures.

Multiple of these were climbing down the multiple pipes and stairs that were connecting the levels of the prison. There were multiple of both of them, and they seemed angry.

“I think it’s time we leave? Don’t you?” Scaleraker called to his companions.

“A true Decepticon neve retreats!” Demolishor yelled.

“Maybe! But ther is no point in a fight we can’t win! If we leave now, we can strike harder later!”

Forager whirls around.

Wha-?!” he sputters.

“We are not leaving the army here!” Halfshell yelled, three levels above him.
The army of unknown robots was approaching. They were suddenly joined by a few more jet formers that swooped in ahead of them.

“Sorry, didn’t want to scare you.” she apologised.

Transwarp gives a summary of what had happened on Cybertron since the end of the Great War.

Zepar might find difficult to explain several millennias in the middle of the fight.
The poor little Minicon caught his head in his small hands and let himself fall to the ground.

OOC: Transwarp, not Zepar.

IC: Transwarp tries his best to go over the major points: the exploration, various advancements in science and tech along with the current situation with Predacon Megatron.

OOC: Oh, yes. Sorry.
IC: “No, you shut the frak up!” the Targetmaster yelled.

“Excuse me?” Transwarp asked.

“Just shut up! You just shut up!” he then turned to the nearest one of the other Decepticons, the blue and black jet, Darkwing, which was thrown to the ground by a tired Backstop. “Yo dude!” the Minicon yelled.
Darkwing approached.

Transwarp tensed, fearing a fight.

“Having difficulties with this one, my little friend?” Darkwing said, pointing his blaster at Transwarp’s head.

“It’s not my fault you all were in stasis for thousands of years.” Transwarp said nervously, as one would with a gun pointed at their face, “But, your Megatron was in stasis for hundreds of millions of years on Earth before he woke up.”

Darkwing seemed confused.
“What is he talking about?” he asked with his deep voice the little Minicon.
“We are in the future! We have been in stasis!”
“We know that!” the Decepticon snapped. “We woke up from stasis tubes! What we don’t know is for how much we’ve been asleep and who put us asleep!”

“If it’s any help, I don’t know who put you in stasis either.” Transwarp said, still nervously looking at the gun, “All I know is that you’ve probably been asleep for thousands of years.”

“Thousands…?” Darkwing asked confused.
“Ye I know. Hard to believe.” the Targetmaster nodded.
Darkwing seemed to be thinking at the notion, before he growled and stoke the barrel of his gun by Transwarp’s face.
“He is just a frakkin’ Autobot! He is lying!”
“Just look at his body model!”
“He modded himself to look like a Seeker! I’ve seen such scumbags before!”

“I’m a Predacon.” Transwarp said, pointing at the insignia on his wing, “And I am a descendant of a Seeker.” He said.

“Also, since when were Autobots as small as me and have this look to them?”

OOC: seriously, what is it gonna take to prove he’s telling the truth?