Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Yes.” Transwarp said, “The Megatron you know, the Decepticon leader, has been dead for a few centuries by now and this Predacon took up his name, the exact reasons why are a bit of a debate as nobody really knows except Predacon Megatron himself and I don’t recommend anyone go looking for him unless you want to have your Spark ripped out of you and your body turned into a Vehicon Drone.”

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“Aha…” Scalpel said thinking. “Good to know. Really. Look, you can’t talk with your friends now, but you might as soon as they finish interrogatory.”

“Their stories will line up with what I have told you.” He said.

“But they will also have original stories. I doubt they are the descendents of Skywarp too.”

“Yeah, but the stuff about Megatron and his Vehicons will line up.” He added with a nod.

“That’s right.”

“Nope. Far from it.”

“I’ve seen him dying as Galvatron! He is dead!”

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“Then why am I down here and not up there?” He pointed up at the ceiling, towards the surface.

“That I don’t know, this is why I am interrogating you!”

“I’m down here becausssse Megatron hunted me down until I had to go underground! Literally!”

“I… I’ve, I…” Scorponok murmured. “How did that son of a gun survived for so many years? How did he returned? How he got such a army?”

“Don’t ask me.” Slyther shrugged.

@Toa_Vladin Forager jumps to the left, evading Long Haul before shooting at the constructicon. He continues to menace the other enemies with his tail laser in the meantime, sweeping it across the hall in wide arcs, not really aiming but also taking care to avoid his cohorts.

“Of course I am going to ask you! If you haven’t realised, I’ve been asleep for several centuries!”

The others follow him, attacking the renegades. However, from the hallway they werw pushed into, more Decepticons were approaching to catch them.

“No, I haven’t realized, because you’re the one who’sssss ssssuppossssed to be interrogating me.” Slyther replied.
“I don’t know why or how Megatron came back. All I know issss that he isssss back and that he’sssss hunting me.”

“Why? What does he want from you?”

“He wantsssss to kill me ssssso that I don’t exissssst.”

“Why? Tell me why he wants to kill you and your friend! Why suddenly the whole surface is populated only by godslagged Vehicons!”

Forager continues to try and keep Long Haul and his group at bay, while shouting at his comrades to shoot at the foes coming from behind them.

“I can’t do this by myself, slaggit!” he shrieks.