Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

They try, but the only one doing any damage was Ravage, as Icepick and Birdbrain were atill disoriented by the tubes, while Rippersnapper was still hurt.

“Becausssse I’m a predacon?” Slyther asked, shrugging.
“I don’t know, I didn’t asssk him myssself!”

Scorponok lowers his shoulder and sighs.
“Do you have anything else worth saying?”

“Yeah, let me out of thisssss place.”

Scorponok frowned, as he stood up.
“I think you already know that I am not in the position to do that. At least… not yet…”

Forager looks around, weighing his options. Continuing like this could only result in death.

“New plan!” Forager calls to his comrades. Then, he straightens his posture, retracts his pistols into his wrists, and raises his arms above his head.

We surrender!” he shrieks.

The renegades don’t even wait for him to properly surrender, before starting pushing him and the others into the hallway.

Transwarp kept silent for a long while before he asked, “What now?”

Scorponok sighed.
“The best I can do to you know is to let you see one of your friends.”
He then gave orders to one of the Seeker to transmit the message. Said Seeker would later enter into Transwarp’s room, telling Scalpel the news.
Now you go and see your friend.” Scalpel told Transwarp, as the two Seekers behind him opened the door.

Transwarp stood up, “Thank you, Doctor.” He said.

“Yeah yeah. Go away now!”
The door to Slyther’s room would also open as Scorponok and the last Seeker to remain inside left it. When he saw Transwarp, Scorponok grumbled something.
“You two can talk whatever inside till Shockwave gives us a verdict. There will be Seekers guarding you from outside.”

Holding cell. Transwarp thought as he tried to spot any surveillance devices in the room.

In the Slyther’s room, just like in his, there were two security cameras on two opposite corners of the ceiling.
Whether they were working or not was debatable, as they were not moving or doing anything.
Once Transwarp would enter, the door would close, leaving the two alone inside.
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OOC: I just realised that this is the first time when I let two NPCs to interact without any of my characters able to interfere. I don’t know if that is a neutral thing or a bad one.

Transwarp felt it was best to presume they were operational and walks up to Slyther, “Are you okay?” He asked. (@meepinater)

Forager offers little resistance, and encourages his cohorts to do the same.

They follow inside.
The room would be identical with Shockwave’s although there would be significantly less Decepticons. Aside for the ones that went out to take them, they were barely any more. Two figures were standing out of the crowd:

Scourge, former Herald of Unicron and the partner of Transwarp’s ancestor, Cyclonus

and Jhiaxus, a scientist known for experiments even more twisted and nightmare-fueling than Shockwave. The latter was working on some control panels next to them.
“Welcome! Welcome, puppets of Shockwave!” Scourge greeted them.

“Hi, I’m Robin Hood,” Forager quips with bravado. Gesturing to his comrades, he continues:

“My friends here are my Merry Men. And you are?”

“Oh you know who I am, Predacon.” Scourge said, grinning.

Slyther chuckles.
“Absssssolutely fine.” He said happily. “I think I sssshook him.”

Transwarp nods. “Good. I was worried you would be hurt.”