Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Does she?” He asked, “She…has been…trying to…help.” He said.

“I ain’t her biggest fan,” Forager supports Transwarp, “but lettin’ run off was a bad idea, if you ask me.”

Hemorrhage fires a burst from his rifle at Thrust, then at Quake.

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“By trying to take the command for herself?!” she asked, somewhat repulsed by Transwarp of all people taking her side.

“Oh, please! It’s not like she will join Megatron or something! She will get killed by the Vehicons in no time!”

Thrust sees it too late, as he is launched into a nearby building. Quake however is protected by the fast moves of God Neptune, who was slinging his sword on the ground to slash at the ground Vehicons.

Forager sighs. Manta might’ve been right there, he had to admit. But something about this still felt wrong…

“You’ve got one on you!” Hemorrhage shouts to God Neptune.

“So? Is Beetle going to be the only one passing the line?”
Beetle crossed his arms somewhat nervously.

The combiner ignores him as he caught a stealth drone and smashed it in his hand, before throwing it away.
Quake continues climbing.

She said, dashing to the side.
“Just listen to me. I can tell you where the others are.”

OOC: You know Megatron isn’t exactly adverse to getting help from his enemies. Remember when Rattrap switched sides for a while and worked for Megatron?

OOC: I do remember. It’s just that I am not going to let Razorclaw ally with him that easily.

After dodging Hemorrhage’s attack, Megatron turns to Razorclaw, groaning as he eyed her from above.
“What do you want from me?”

Forager looks around at the rest of the party.

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Zooming in with his right eye to get a better shot, Hemorrhage fires another burst of hard light at Quake’s head, before turning around to see Megatron and the Predacon raptor still facing off.

Hefting his rifle, Hemorrhage squeezes the trigger, shooting three hard light bolts at Megatron.

Transwarp nodded, “Can we…at least…agree to…try and…come back…for them…immediately…after the…Oracle?” He asked.

OOC: So I gotta work for it then huh? Alright. I see.

“Two things. A ship, and some sweet slagging revenge. There’s a whole group of survivors headed to the Oracle as we speak. And I just so happen to be the best tracker in Iacon. A.k.a your best hope of finding them. Help me wipe them the frag out, and all I ask in return is a one-bot ship to leave this rock.”[quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:5157, topic:49908”]
Forager looks around at the rest of the party.

Gigatread stands up, (currently in beast mode) and walks over to Forager.
“I haven’t been here long, but I know safety comes in unity. Driving others out and isolating one’s self will only lead to your downfall.”
He said to Manta.

Drill Bit was considering to pass the line.

Manta sighed tiredly.
“Them, who?”

“Oh, slag off! That slag’s departure is not going to affect us all in any way!”

Quake would still be out of range.

Megatron was prepared to say something simple, like “No, die.” before shooting her, but suddenly…

All three shots connect, but only seemed to anger Megatron.
“You want a ship and revenge? Fine, I can give you whatever you want. But kill him first.” he said, pointing his dragon head at Hemorrhage.

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“Those…we…leave behind.” he said.

“The only two we leave behind are Razorclaw and that guy, Direwolf. But he left the group off his own back when we were fighting Starscream and his Vehicons.”

“You fail to recognize what we have lost. She was violent and arrogant, but skilled and selfless as well. Instead of trying to work with her faults and gain an ally, you worked against her and made an enemy.”

“Oooh now you’re talking my language. Can’t wait to finally get some real energon on my claws.”
The raptorcon transformed to beast mode and bolted rapidly at Hemorrhage, claws and teeth out for the attack.

“Gigatread, I gave you a choice: pass the line or stay behind.”

Megatron sighed, before shooting another blast at God Neptune, which he dodges with his sword.

The colossal turtle stamped his foot on the ground, asserting his place on the other side of the line.
“Unity, over reformation.”
He stated firmly.

“Guys…” Forager whimpers.

“Come on…”

Hemorrhage lowers his rifle.

“Oh, slag,” he sighs.

Hemorrhage rolls to the side, quickly springing back up to his feet.

“What the slag are you doing?!” the medic hisses.

OOC: You know Gigatread is on Forager’s side right? Or am I misinterpreting this.

“Getting what I need. I tried the whole ‘working with others’ thing. Didn’t exactly work out. And right now your head is the only thing standing between me, and some sweet cold payback.”
She said, just before lunging at the medic, trying to dig in with her claws.

OOC: Forager’s distressed that the group seems to be breaking up; he wasn’t necessary speaking to Gigatread.


Hemorrhage jumps backward and to the side, narrowly evading the strike.

“Megatron was just trying to kill you ten seconds ago!” he retorts. “What makes you think he’ll give you what you want?”

Manta sighed.
“Fine. You stay here and search for your psycho friend. I will go to the Oracle.”