Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Forager whips around.

“Y’know, that’s a good idea,” he states the obvious, deploying his wheels and zipping after the group.

They would run up to the group. (@Toa_Vladin)

“Alright, I think that’s everyone”

OOC: OK guys, I should explain myself.
This past couple of weeks were really crazy for me, and I really didn’t had the time or the motivation to continue keeping the game alive.
Now I finally kinda settled down and am back to the normal status quo. Or at least kind of.
I am extremely sorry if I left the impression that I abandoned the game. I should have specified that I will be out for a day.
Now I am back, and I hope that we can continue keeping this game alive.

IC: “You miserable son of a scrappy, rotten, rusty gun!” Inferno yelled, approaching Mirage. “You dare to betray the royalty!”
“I-I…” Mirage said… seemingly closer to his “past” self, or at least one of them. Starscream seemed to have observed this, and stepped forward, between the two.
“That’s enough.” he said, quickly waving his arm from left to right, creating a chilling shockwave that covered everybody around them.
Inferno and Blastcharge were pushed backwards. All of the Scrapmetal and Swarm drones that were waiting for comands from their generals suddenly jolted upwards. Their eyes turned red and they all turned to Backstop’s group and to the two generals. Mirage looked impressed at them. Starscream smirked.
“I learn more and more thing with every passing day.” then he turned to the drones. “Vehicons, attack!” he said, before all of the drones charged their weapons, pointing to their new enemies.
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Transwarp throws a grenade and readies his club for some…batting practice.

Some of the Vehicons are blown away.
Inferno and Blastcharge are surrounded by Vehicons. They try to fire at them, but they ultimately fail. They get fully covered in their former armies.
OOC: Can we say that Transwarp coveniently got out of grenades? You tend to use them very often.

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“I think now is the part where we all run away from here while the Vehicons are busy.” Transwarp whispered to Backstop.

Slyther began to dual-wield his taser gun and SMG, firing at any Vehicons who got to close to him.

The Seacons form God Poseidon.
“We fight!” the Combiner yelled.
“Halfshell, are you out of your minds?!” Backstop said, louder than usual.

“Hey! Who made you the leader?” Yelled Scaleraker. “Let them combine! They stander a better chance than the rest of us!”

“What’s better for survival: fighting or running away when your enemy is distracted?” Transwarp asked.

“Are you mad? We are heavily outnumbered!” Beetle said.
“We need to run away and find the Oracle as soon as possible!” Backstop yelled.
“We ran away enough.” God Neptune said, forming his sword. “We are here to liberate Cybertron, not to let the enemies desteoy it!”
“Yeah!” Drill Bit said laughing. “Let’s fight!”

“I just meant the Seacons. I cannot even attempt to dictate what you do” He said as he looked up at the towering Gestalt. He looked back at Backstop, “They are stronger than I, so they could do what they want. But I can try and influence the rest of you. I say we get out of here before we get blasted to slag.”

“They’d kill you.” Scaleraker said simply.

“Oh, scrap this!” Transwarp yelled as he tried to teleport the whole group (Seacons, Backstop, etc.) away from the Vehicons.

OOC: My d20 resulted in a 14 (so it’s successful but this is gonna hurt Transwarp) and my d100 was a 4 (this is gonna put him at the brink of death from the sheer effort of teleporting this many people such a large distance).

OOC: No offence, but I think you should ask me when you want to do something this big.
IC: Transwarp would only be able to teleport Beetle, Slyther and Forager (@meepinater, @Chromeharpoon).
OOC: I let you decide where they got.
IC: God Neptune ignores Scaleraker and lunges into battle, followed by Drill Bit.
“No!” Manta yelled, trying to get to them, but Backstop quickly turned to his robot mode and caught her by her arm.

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“I’ll get him.” Scalraker tells her, and wades through the battle to drill bit.

Drill Bit was now deep into the waves of Vehicons, attacking them with his drill. God Neptune was behind him, slashing at the Vehicons climbing on him.

“Where are you going!?” Scaleraker shouts at Drill bit.

“What do ya mean, boy?” Drill Bit yelled as he lunged at a few Vehicons, which back away.

“This is not the time to fight! He who runs away, lives to fight another day!” He tells him.

OOC: Noted. In the future I’ll say I want to do that, wait for your response then make the rolls.

IC: Transwarp managed to get the group a fair distance from the Vehicons and battle, far enough to be considered safe, but could be seen by Backstop and the others. He was on the ground, smoke curling from his body as he just laid prone.

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