Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Shut up and fight!” Drill Bit yelled, lunging at a swarm drone.
God Neptune was fighting above them. He just slashing at the flying scrapmetal drones, shooting at the swarm drones, stomping the ones that were trying to climb on him with his feet, but even he, four times taller than a regular transformers, could tell that he was outnumbered. [quote=“BlackBeltGamer98, post:1405, topic:49908”]
IC: Transwarp managed to get the group a fair distance from the Vehicons but could be seen by Backstop and the others. He was on the ground, smoke curling from his body as he just laid prone.

Backstop saw this. He looked at them, then at the fighting God Neptune, before turning back to them. He turned to his rhino mode and ran to the three.
“Where are you going?” Manta asked.
“Try to get the others! We need to escape this as soon as we can!”

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“Not until you turn around come with me away from here!” Scaleraker shouted back.

He dodge a blast from a Vehicon.

“How you holding up big guy?” He shouted up at God Neptune.

Drill Bit ignored him and jumped on a scrapmetal drone that was preparing to took off on God Neptune.
The gestalt did not respond, as he was busy trying to clean himself off of Vehicons.

Transwarp wasn’t doing too well, it seemed as though staying alive hurt like heck.

“I am transformed!”
Backstop jumped to him and tried to help him stand up.

Scaleraker moved to GN’s legs, and attempted to assist him in holding off the Vehicons.

Transwarp yelped in pain, there were several burns on his body and some of his metalic components were very warm.

Some were climbing up on Scylla’s leg.

Backstop put him down, and rose his hand. It started shining, and Transwarp’s body started being covered in vines.

Transwarp groaned as the vines came in contact with his wounds but it hurt less to not move.

Scalraker, Injured as he was, nevertheless, tried to swipe them off with his claws.

Slyther turned his attention to Transwarp.
“Childissssh fool.” He hissed. He shot at any nearby vehicons that were approaching him.
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Forager stumbles around near Transwarp and Slyther, momentarily disoriented by the jump.

Transwarp would soon feel his body healing, like if he was in a CR Chamber.

He would make one swarm drone stumble and fall.

Slyther would shoot a scrapmetal drone in the shoulder. This would attract the atention of multiple other drones that started approaching.
“What are we waiting for?” Beetle cried. “We need to get outta here!”

Scalraker tried to bury his claws in it’s head.

He would be blocked by a scrapmetal drone.

He tried to punch it in the face.

Transwarp’s breathing was steadily getting less and less ragged but was still pained.

Slyther continued firing.
“Try that with two of thessssse shooting at you!” He angrily retorted.

He would succeed and the drone would stumble backwards.

The vines continued doing their things.

The drones were approaching rapidly.

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He would follow up with a clawed stab at the drone’s face.