Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

The swarm drone from earlier would shoot at him.

The blast deflected off of his scales, but would blacken an burn them. He turned and attempted to slash it with his claws.

The drone would get slashed on its turret.

He would follow up with a downward slice with his claws.

The slice would hit the drone and severly damage it.

Mirage was having his head tightly in his hands. He seemed extremely divided, like if a battle was being fought inside his head between multiple factions.
Starscream smirked at the view of the Vehicons fighting the other Transformers. He cracked laughing when he saw God Neptune almost completely covered in enemies.

Gatecrasher returned to his task of helping God Neptune.

“Seperate!” He called up to GN. “This is the time for speed!”

It was too late. The Vehicons started damaging the combining ports. Sparks started falling from the combiner’s ports, before it broke apart in it’s five components.

Soon, Transwarp fell unconscious. His wounds were mostly healed but would need to be given time and rest to fully recover.

Scaleraker ran over to and tried to help up the nearest Seacon.

The vines retreated and Backstop fell down.
“We… need to get out of here…” he said Slyther, the closest one which seemed able to help them.

That would be Scylla, still blocked in her leg mode.

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“Can you transform?” he asked her.

She slowly morphed to her robot mode, while the two were circled by some Vehicons.

Scaleraker tried to hold off the Vehicons while she transformed.

Slyther nodded.
“Agreed. But how?”

The Vehicons fought back.

Backstop looked at him, at Transwarp, at the Vehicons, obviously panicked.
“I don’t know… There!” he said, pointing to a dark building nearby.

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Scaleraker would clash with the Vehicons until Scyla transformed.

When Scylla would finally fully revert back to robot mode, most of the Vehicons encircling them would be on Scaleraker, attacking him.

“where did they go?” Scaleraker wondered aloud.

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