Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

He nodded, and he and Backstop pushed Techwarp to the nearest tunnel. At this point, the old reformatted Maximal was just tagging along with no direction. The two healings completely drained his powers.

Scaleraker continued to sit by Scylla’s door.

“Guys,” Forager says insistently. “I surrender? Hello?”

The rat was hoping that someone, anyone, would come along soon and help him out of this mess…

C’mon, guys! He thinks

Forager would not have this luck. The closest to him would be Halfshell, Coelagon and Sea Phantom, but they seemed to try to retreat, not caring about Forager’s fate.
The two swarm drones approached the Maximal and took him by his arms, escorting them to their leaders.

“… Wonderful weather we’re havin’, ain’t we?” Forager quips.

The two don’t respond, as they got out of the wave of Vehicons pushing themselves to the Seacons.

Transwarp was starting to get back to his feet as he reached to grab one of the guns from his shoulders.

“Hell no!” Beetle exclaimed. “Neither you nor the rhino guy are in the shape of fighting a hoard!”

“If you have any better ideas on how to help the others, I’m more than happy to hear them.” Transwarp said as he removed a gun and put it into a rifle configuration.

“Scrap the others! Let’s go!”

“They’re better off alive than whatever Megatron has planned.” Transwarp said as he cocked the rifle and tried to line up a shot to distract the Vehicons so the others can escape.

“Weren’t you supposed to be the cowerdly one?!”

“There’s plenty of distance between me and them; I can just book it and then be gone before they can get to me.” Transwarp said right before he pulled the trigger, aiming for a line of drones.

“Plus, think about it: a green fog covers the planet and people mysteriously vanish; a few days later, Vehicons start showing up and more people steadily disappear while more and more Vehicons flood the streets.” He said.

“Either they are rounding up people and killing them like pests before scrapping them for parts or those people that vanished are being turned into more Vehicons.” He theorized.

“Gee, humor me, will ya?” Forager deadpans, trying to keep his captors distracted while he searched their bodies for a port compatible with his dataspike, while he stealthily equipment the attachment to the end of his tail.

@BlackBeltGamer98 “The heck does this have to do with anything? You do you, I am done!” he said, running away in a tunnel.

@Chromeharpoon There would not be any, however the mole drone could be seen not too far away.

Transwarp fired a few shots at the Vehicon leaders before ducking into the tunnel to hide.

“All right.” He said, looking at Backstop, “Does this ‘Oracle’ of yours have anything to help us get out of this mess?” He asked.

Starscream and Mirage were well out of his range. Backstop was to weak to move.

Well that doesn’t frakkin’ help! Forager thinks, scowling to himself.


The rat looks to see what types of vehicon his captors were, as he stealthily switches out his data spike for his cutting laser attachment.

Both were swarm drones, the fast, heavy armoured, very powerful but very dumb types.

Forager sighs, counting on the low intelligence he expected of these two for his plan to work.

“H-hey!” he suddenly shouts, “what’s that over there?!”