Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Both turn their heads to the pointed direction.

Forager hadn’t pointed anywhere, actually.

No! Not over there!” he exclaims. “Over there!”

The rat turns and points to another spot on the horizon.

They instantly turn to the pointed spot.

“Ah!! It moved; now it’s over there!” Forager yells, pointing in another direction.

All the while, he was searching for weaknesses in the vehicon’s construction to exploit, as well as trying to confuse the dim-witted drones.

Scaleraker opened his eyes. He noticed his side wound was still bleeding slightly, so he began surveying the room for something to bandage it with.

The drones quickly moved to the new indicated spot.
Their weak spot would most likely be their intellect, or better said lack there of, as there didn’t seem to be any real visible flaw in their design.

There wouldn’t be anything that would help him, aside for a few bottles of liquor that have fallen on the carpet from the desk.

He spots the bottles. “Well, I guess it’ll clean the wound.” He takes one of the bottles, uncorks it, and pours it onto the wound. “Sss! That stings.” he says.

The liquor would slow down the bleeding, but the wound would still be exposed.

“Hrm… this will be a disadvantage in a fight.”

“Lady Scylla? Do you have any cloth, or anything else good for covering a wound?”

“Over there!” Forager yells, pointing to another spot. “I-I think it’s a person!”

“You tell me lady again and I rip your body open.”

The two turned to the new spot and deployed their turrets.

“I’m sorry ma’am.”

“Yeah! it is!” Forager says, turning around to point in another direction. “I… holy slag, I think it’s Optimus Prime! I can hear the Stan Bush from here!”

She opened the door madly and pointed her machine guns at him.
“Ma’am included.”

The two suddenly lower their turrets.
“Wasn’t Optimus Prime dead?” one of tgem said with what seemed to be a basic text to speech voice.

“All right! all right!” He says holding his hands up. “I was merely trying to be polite ma’- I mean Scylla.”

She frowned, and entered back inside.

“I’ll assume not.” He told himself, and he decided to stand up and get a better idea of his surroundings.

The skyscraper was silent. Likely it got evacuated when all the mess began.

The Scrapmetal drones began pushing Terrormander and the others in. After a few more shots, the Seacon got out of ammo.
“Scrap that! I am out of here!” he yelled before running in the tunnel Beetle entered in, leaving Transwarp, Slyther and the very weakened Backstop behind.
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OOC: I meant just a visual description of the room. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

IC: Scaleraker shuffled around the room, investigating various objects.

OOC: The room isn’t important. Imagine a devastated office of a rich CEO.