mad hatter C

This is want of my charaters his name is C. He has many forms this is one of them.
This form is inspired by Tim burton’s alice in wonderland and insired by Disney’s alice in wonderland.

he come with a cup 2 faces 3 pins (not showen) many hats and door mouse and the march hare. PS I no it posted in a long time but i will post again so be ready to see my posts bye:wink:


A bit peculiar. Not sure why you say “experted”. Perhaps you mean Inspired.

Keep up the good work!

thanks for say that i spelled it wrong. i will fix it

@Ghidora131 i just fixed it

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NGL, this is a pretty neat kronkiwongi you got here, good job!


The colors are messy, and the build is really simple.

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thanks for saying my build is awesome

It’s really not though, it’s literally bricks stacked on top of each other. The most interesting part is the SNOT on the leg, and that looks mediocre.

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Creative designs are a great feature on this guy, however, better colors would really improve this.

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