Hi everyone!

This is Madraldor, a massive demon god that has awakened after beeing put to sleep by his brother Carzan. He has now taken over his brothers body and sould and has brought devastation on the Carzan universe.

Build: Madraldor isnt built to be as much of a playable character as a statue to pride your room. His buld is so heavy that making any kind of stop motion with him is berely impossible, trust me, ive tried. He can do a few poses while still beeing able to stand up, but i prefer having the back wings to the wall as a support when hes just standing there looking cool.

The sword he has is a new design that i made up. A core bult with technic, tubing an some more stuff. I made it the way it looks so that the function of the edges on the blade would work as intended - to pull of masks.

I hope you like him.

Se ya!


This is fantastic! It looks really clunky in some places though.

Threatening but a mess-

The leg design and back what make this build inconstant, the golden spikes and drooping chain works fine.