Madus AKA Voltage: Bounty hunter and explorer

So here is my first good moc in months. Not much to say about him really. He is a explorer that takes on jobs that let him explore the ruins of the ancient world he lives on. C&C is welcome.

I have more pictures if anyone wants them.


very neat! love that gun design and everything else!


gun is way too big but otherwise this is pretty good


Nice moc, love the gun design, I think the scale of it adds to the bruiser-esque style of the moc. Not a big fan of the laser pole-axe/ staff, but otherwise, great!

@Ghosty I know its big. it is suposed to be that.

@Boxxer its a sword. and thanks.

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Are all the gold pieces used, painted pieces? If not, that’s very nice. The paint looks just like flat dark gold. What paint did you use?

It is really nice, but I recommend filling in the torso a tad more

Pretty neat. I like the placement of the red. The shoulderpads however could be a little closer to the body but thats nitpicking.

@Huichelaar there is no gold on him. Its silver