Mafoc, Lost Toa of Ice

This Toa is one of the team I mentioned in my first moc. His story is a long one of tragedy and pain, but he eventually found happiness with my team. In his story, his first team died and he lost his left arm, and part of his other arm was mangled. He wandered the land of Okoto for years, picking up scrap from a junkyard and reassembling his arm.


w-well I guess he's got the damaged look down but the chest isn't osmething nice to look at. Otherwise he seems sorta basic with the build and all. The mechanic arm doesn't look too well designed and limited in articulation

The chest and robot arm should be redone.

How so?

The upper body isn't that great. The robot arm has really weird connections and the chest is very bare

The CCBS piece feels out of place. A bit basic-feeling.The grey is a bit too concentrated in the torso area.