Magic: The Gathering as a substitute for Bionicle

Bionicle at the surface may seem very different than Magic The Gathering(Commonly known as Mtg) however both are very similar in many aspects. Hopefully this post will convince you that Mtg is a near perfect substitute for Bionicle.

-Both have a deep lore.

-Both have a physical medium(toys/cards) that you can collect and relate to certain characters and story revalent scenes.

-Both have a creativity aspect. In Bionicle it’s mocs and in Mtg its decks that you build.

-Both have different elements that represent elements and correspond to characters.

-Both have a very devoted fan base that creates theories and artwork for the fandom.

If Mtg interests you in any way I suggest that you download Magic Duels, it’s free and it’s a great way to learn the game.


Well, they’re both awesome, but I’m not sure replacement is the right word.
I’ve combined them before, though…


I think Magic fill the void of Bionicle quite well, do you have a link to your cards??

Oh, I play the physical version.
Or are you talking about my customs?

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The world and story of M:tG has a much different feel from BIONICLE. Magic is just a bunch of different worlds, with it’s own bit of lore and a year-long story, whereas BIONICLE is one big world with a ton of lore and an expansive story and backstory.

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I really love your flip toa!!!

@Hutere Customs.

Please don’t double-post, as per the site rules. Thanks. --John Smith

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Here’s all my Bionicle stuff, made on MTGCardsmith.
It’s a bit easier to use, in my opinion, but doesn’t have as many options as the one @Anaru_LST suggested.

I actually worked on a BIONICLE-themed Magic set. It only had stuff from 2001 though, and I actually tried making a sixth color. I lost all the files when my computer broke though.

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Nice, I personally us MSE for custom cards.

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While they are a bit too different to for MTG to “replace” bionicle, I do love both. The idea of MTG’s multiverse is brilliant, IMO, and I love to imagine myself as a planeswalker: a supremely powerful summoner and sorcerer.
I do reccommend MTG.

Funny you bring this up, I’m custom designing some Bionicle cards as a concept for a TCG, just to see if I could work out my own combat game system. I don’t have much experience with trading card games, so I figured I’d make a post asking for critique after I’d finished the concepts, and maybe after that make a bunch for the first year of Gen 1.

You could say the same thing about Halo!

Has a deep lore,

Has a physical medium of action figurines, and miniature scale buildable replicas of the ships,

Has a creativity aspect, in all the games you can build an epic Forge map for you and your buddies,

No elements, but many likeable factions, the Flood, the United Nations Space Command, the Covenant, Storm Covenant, Banished, the Swords of Sanghelios and etc.

Has a very devoted fanbase that absolutely roasts the existence of Halo 5’s story, produces artwork and makes theories on future stories

I’d recommend starting where it all began.

I’d recommend Reach. /s

I think Magic is really cool, but I wouldn’t replace Lego with it

So I guess we’re going to plug our pet series then?

Ever hear about a game called Sacrifice? It’s probably the best Third-Person RTS ever made.

A group of characters with elemental theming who have charming banter with each other?

Multiple factions with their own agendas and ideologies?

An intriguing story where not everything is as it first seems (and amazing foreshadowing)?

A world with an interesting and clearly laid-out geography?

Absolutely sublime voice acting?

Please play Sacrifice.

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I mean, if it satisfies the same needs you had for Bionicle, then that’s cool…

But I wouldn’t expect some sort of migration en masse from the Bionicle fandom to it.

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Sure, Bionicle and MtG have their similarities but they’re still pretty different.

Why would I want a substitute? That’s like saying after your child dies that as long as you get a cardboard cutout replacement that looks similar enough, you’ll be fine.

I don’t have a void that used to be Bionicle because Bionicle remains important to me. I still have pieces to moc with and I’m a part of of an interesting community that shares my love for the theme. I don’t need to replace something that honestly never really left.



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Yeah, but I was doing a parody of the original post, so the /s applied to the entire pitch.

Reach is life, and I still love Halo, or else the Halo RP wouldn’t exist.