Magic: the Gathering

This is about one of my favorite trading card games, Magic: the Gathering, or known as: MtG. Now, discuss among other fans, talk about your decks, certain cards, somehow trading, and challenge each other.

Ugh. I need to seriously overhaul my white/blue enchantment creatures deck. This just reminded me about that, and the fact that I have no money to do so -_-...

I tried getting into this, could never quite get the hang of it. Ended up selling my starter deck for money .-.
However if there's some online program or what have you to play MtG on, I'd gladly give it a try.

There's many, but the most commonly used is Duels of the Planeswalkers on Steam.

I have a rakdos deck. I just want to say this card is boss.

I have always wanted a nicol bolas deck but never spent the money necessary.

I love the Slivers and Hydras. I tend to play a Green/Red deck, which they fit perfectly into.

Also @Risebell, I found a way to play any card game online (MTG, Yu-gi-oh, and even custom games) called LackeyCCG. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux through WINE. It is completely free and you can play multiplayer or against the computer. The MTG plugin is found here.

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I love this guy's story.

Share and discuss your own Magic: The Gathering play style, favorite cards, and your decks here.

Personally I favor aggro.

Very, very (Red white) fast.

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Speed is power! Can't stop won't stop!

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I don't have a definitive play style, but I make sure to include the most powerful card in each deck

/s don't hurt me


I just usually play Green and build a strong defense.

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Go big or go home right

Sacrificing and spell casting are both fun to me.
I played blue for a while, but I currently have a powerful Silumgar deck.
Especially with ghoulcaller Gisa and corpseweft.
I get lots of 2/2 token zombies and lots of creatures to sacrifice them for benefits.


I play...


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I should clarify that for standard, I play a RW blitz deck.
Casual, I play EVERYTHING.
Except for Phyrexia.

I'm sorta known to my friends as the [expletive] with the Green/red/blue Hydra deck.

I tend to play Commander with this guy right here. Mana ramp for quite a few monsters early game to feed his effect, then summon my hydras as infinitely cheap uber-monsters. :3

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Makin an Ally Commander now that I have sufficient numbers.

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He is quite awesome.