Magma Rahis/Elementals; Moc - By Sidorak

Magma Elementals/Rahi

Magma “Stalker”

Stalkin’ like a pro:

Magma “Elite Crow”


After Mata-Nui united Spherus Magna once again, these creatures started to show off near the caves and vulcanos of Spherus Magna. Their body is made out of a steel skeleton, and pure magma. The Magma Elite Crow, is like, the… “guardian” of it’s species. Their weapon is a giant magma shield, and an also giant steel spear. They’ll do anything to defend the swarm. And speaking of swarm, this race has a hive mind, like the Bohrok. The Magma Stalker, is the “eye”, or the “recon troop” of it’s species. They have a magma claw, as their right hand, which is often used to burn their victims. They’re merciless killers. If you see one, you should know this: You. Can’t. Run. Away. (fun fact: if you played Crysis2/3, these guys are inspired by those ceph stalkers)


One question: On Elite Crow’s shield, where do you get that Ignika torso?


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Speaking of Ackar, I need that set. It would help Magmus(MOC) very, very well.

Ehh. Not a big fan of the builds. Even with that though I must admit there’s some creative parts usage here, especially the first one.


@Ekorak Experimenting with new builds. And actually i kinda wanted to go for a… rather strange build with these guys. I wanted them to feel like they’re aliens of some sort.
Also, I’ve focused on the story xD (i dunno’ why)