Magnar the Mad

NAME: Magnar
ALIGNMENT: Any whay the wind blows, doesnt really matter to me.
OCCUPATION: recuring villain
ELEMENTS: Magnatism
MASK POWER: he doesn't have a mask silly. =P
WEAPONS: Hook axes
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Wielding magnetic powers on par with a Toa, Magnar was an experiment dedicated to recreating elemental powers through technology. Unfortunately for Magnar, his central processor wasn't as shielded for his magnetic attacks, as was first believed by his creators Resulting in something similar to when one sticks a magnet next to a television screen. Driven mad by the changes brought on by his powers, Magnar escaped containment and entered the outside world. His current whereabouts are unknown.

An old wip that this was based on.

Tell me what you guys think! =D


looks really cool, the backstory really reminds me of Dr.Octupus from spiderman 2. Those legs are unique but look somewhat out of place with his squarish body. Anyways great job

I like it. I like it alot. I do. I really do.

I'll be honest, I, personally, don't like how he looks, or the color scheme.
But objectively, this moc is superb.

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@nexolo Thanks for the comment! The legs look netter in hand.
@Novel Thanks m8!
@Hutere meh. I can live with that.


But is he just a poor boy, he needs no sympathy?

Quite like this actually. Pretty basic design, but it works.

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There once was a hero named ragnar the red, who came riding to whiterun from old rorikstead...

just looks like a bootleg Minion cross Migrator from Shadowgear6335

OH YES! Another person shares my love for the split-color themed MOC's! I like the execution a lot, especially the leg, though I wish you'd included those Chima blades in there as well, just for the "cool" factor if nothing else.

Well done, fine sir. I salute you.

@Ekorak Nope. He doesn't need any sympathy.

@Novel what?

@TheLeg0Br0ny Thanks m8!

@MohamedMarei Thanks man! I didn't use the chima blade because I only have 1 of each color, and I kind of wanted him to have 4 of the same weapon.

Cool. I like the design a lot and the color scheme.

Thank you!