Majestic League (RP topic)

OOC: I’m really confused here. Did Scrapper fall in too?

Runa looks around his room.

“So, Gamemaster, when are we going to activate the device?”

In runa’s room was an amdroid. It dove towards him with its gun.

Khan came into a room with Manpower, or at least one of his clones.
@Mr.Monopoly no. He’s with the Gamemaster

OOC: Who is Khan?

IC: “Can I help you with something?” Manpower asked.

Majestic league (RP sign ups)

OOC: Shouldn’t you let @jayzor17 play his character?


OOC: I would very much appreciate that.

IC: Khan exits the room of random death-traps, sand flowing out after him.

Lauren exits her room with a yawn, reaching out and shutting down whatever technology she can reach, with the exception of Runa. She figured he wouldn’t appreciate that happening a second time.

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Runs rolled to the side and primed his boosters, then rushed towards the android with his blade out. He also primes Judgement for fire.

Switchblade suddenly dropped to the ground in a massive pile. The room also stopped closing in.

After a couple seconds he awoke with a violent gasp. Only the metal closest to him had remained magnetized, and began to re-magnetize the rest, little by little.

Sadie stabbed him as she clawed at him, almost getting the hang of her new powers.

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The shadow spike entered the Gamemaster’s chest, and was pulled all the way down to his waist.

He made some gurgling noises before collapsing on the ground in a puddle of his own blood.


The hatch leading to the pool of molten metal closed, and a door in the room swung open.

Lucy(@LTVmocs) w uld find Dave waiting for her in the next room after the spinning room.

OOC: @jayzor17 I wasn’t controlling Khan’s character, or at least didn’t meant to. The only way out of the room he was in was through that one door, and I was saying what would be on the other side.

G7 shakes his head and looks around.
Ike sighs “By golly. We should get moved onto something faster. Something that isn’t a floppy disk.”

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Manpower picked up his phone and dialed an untraceable number.

The android was impaled zby the blade, but launched himself backwards with his rockets to remove it. He then punched Runa in his mask.

Dave looks at the new comer, his current limited ablity wasn’t going to make any up coming fights easy

Manpower put the phone next to his head, noticeably dropping his assumed Accent, for what appeared to be his original thick, Cajun accent,“Hello ma, it’s me, Leon.”

As the android approached, Runa lifted up Project: Judgement. “Taste Judgement.” He’d say as the giant laser shot out of it directly at the android right as it got close, the shot being almost point blank.

Sadie ran out of the room, not sure what she had done but not caring right now as she ran out of the building.

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(End of flashback)

“-But I survived. And ever since then, I have longed to meet you again so I can have my revenge.” The Gamemaster said coldly. “I have one last training session for you.”
Hydron suddenly appeared in the room. “You shall now fight your own creation, and whichever one of you wins shall join me by my side and Herald the new age!” The Gamemaster commanded. “Now fight!”

The android suddenly morphed both of its arms into laser cannons, firing at Runa.