Makaen, the Frozen Chronicler


I uploaded pictures during all of this

MOC inspired by Robin from Fire Emblem.


Very cool MOC. That Akaku was always a mask I liked, and the book was a nice touch. I think the lower legs look waaaay too bulky for this MOC, though. Otherwise, nice figure.

Very nice. I concur with @miraculousprime that the lower legs are a bit too big, and I feel the head would benefit from having blue eyes to match the rest of the color scheme. Other than that, it's quite lovely. I'd love to see how a cape or robe would look on her.

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I just realized, it has a gear in the back! Does it have a gear function, or is it for show?

Holy crap...that's awesome! smiley
My only problem, as others have said, is the lower legs.

Really like this MOC! One of the things I'd say is that the upper back seems really bare and is pretty awkward to look at, though covering it up with the gear function still being there is pretty difficult, so it's only a minor problem. The other thing I'd say is that the Inika shoulder armour wouldn't be my first choice of chest plate. But again, that's only a minor thing IMO. Overall I think this is a really good MOC! smiley

I wasn't that sure about the choice of the Inika foot on the leg (actually, recent reports say that all my recent shin designs stink), so I see what you're going with there. I don't know that I have that many alternatives though. I only have one pair of light blue eyes at the moment and I wanted to use that on another MOC. I want to try a cloak of some sort out on her (it's a her), but it would have to be non-custom. And yes, the gear function works.


In other words, the eyes are just another consequence of limitations on parts stocks. Understandable.

I love FE Awakening. The armor looks nice, and isn't too bulky, but pretty bulky still. I also like that the book is attached, even if it's just a rubber band holding it on.

I just saw his on moc pages!

I dunno, the legs look a bit thick to me, but then again, they also are the thing I'm most impressed by.

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what did I warn you Steven


Large feet, normal thighs, normal torso.

Also, what is with your obsession with feet on your lower legs? It doesn't work that well, in most cases.

The legs are better than most of your MOCs, but still pretty meh.

I'll give you full critique where it can't be passed off as being rude.

I think you uploaded one of the images twice.

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He did :3

There are some females who don't have huge breasts and hips, Ekorak

This is one of them

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Are you accusing me?

Because I'm very well aware of that. I know several of them.

But most of them don't have shoulders THAT wide, and at least have some form of feminine shaping.

I'm not saying it has to be over the top. I'm just saying that this does not look like a female MOC in any way, shape, or form, to me.



Donut take this the wrong way

but this is way too bulky for a female moc

now before you go all ape on me

There is a fine line between making a moc femine, and making a moc overly femine

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Not just your recent ones, sorry to say.

Just for you.....
Simple compound leg design concept

(the war continues to make you use a different design >:D)


muses ramifications and color-based alternatives intently

Might be able to squeeze that into Makaen's color scheme... does it work with Metru legs?

tests it out
Yes but it's not very flush. Piraka limbs work much better.