Makara V2

supr srs backstory:
A long-gone toa of psionics, Makara was unable to control her psychic powers correctly, which led to ridicule from her teammates, which lead to insecurities. Her uncontrolled power wreaked havoc on her mind, and she slowly lost her mind. At her breaking point, she slaughtered nearly all of her team, and ran. She allied herself with the Dark Hunters for short while, but she was so terrifyingly unstable and unpredictable that she was exiled after plotting to kill most of her fellow hunters. She now roams free, holding all living things as an enemy to her.

Her haughty and pompous personality masks her absolute insanity and hatred.


New Legs:

Back shot, without tail:

I fixed up some parts of my previous moc (, mostly the upper legs, which were far too thin. I also swapped some colors around on her lower legs to make them more cohesive. She still has her spiked chain, I just didn’t use it in the pictures.


The thighs look skeletal. The back needs more covarage. The knives on the back of the feet also seem odd. I also want to point out that Toa of Psionics do not have this color scheme.

The legs look WAY too long to me. And the torso is a bit messy.

But you basically nailed the colors.

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@ToaSonus Her heel blades (and kinda her legs in general) were inspired by a velociraptor. The tail normally covers the back, but I do agree.
Actually, I just wanted to give her a black and trans-blue color scheme, I made that backstory up in like 5 minutes. I don’t know what color scheme an actual toa of psionics would have :smile:

@JoeScibelli Well, I won’t lie. I’m not good at custom anything. But thanks!

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Honestly, I’d recommend you would just use normal limb parts at this point. Custom pieces are cool to have, but I think they just destroy the look of the legs of the MOC.

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Looks better now, but those heel spikes are… awkward?

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I don’t like the daggers on her heels. They just stick out far too much.

The legs are a bit long, and she’s messy.
Otherwise, I like.

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Maybe if I added another click-joint piece to extend the length of the blades, they’d look a little better. I dunno. Might’ve just been my bad photography.

I’m bad at torsos. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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