Makeer, Destroyer of Makuta

Here’s a Little MOC i call Makeer, Destroyer of Makuta! He’s my self MOC and also my favorite Character! Sorry for any bad pictures this is my first time on the message boards


Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Also your not the only one.

The single picture is pretty poor quality and the moc looks relatively messy at the front.
Can you take more pictures please?


i will just dont have alot of photos right now

One does not simply ask for a MOC spotlight.

unless it’s a really rare case


or you have a big name, connections, or money


from the look of the singular image
it looks okay
but as for the backstory
it sounds very much like one of those OC backstories; the ones you would hear on a Sonic OC or something like that.
no offence
I’m just saying


Welcome to the boards. Glad to see yet another join us.

As for the moc, it doesn’t look too bad, from what I can see. If you want to get this thing spotlighted, then you’ll need more pictures, and make sure they’re not tiny like the one you have.

I think its only happened twice if I’m not mistaken.

The proportions and color scheme look a bit awkward, as the armor looks clunky in a weird way, not really bulky. The piece selection just seems sort of…random.

Just comment on the back story, it feels rather generic. Nothing about the character really feels, well, special, in all honesty.

Also, is this G1 or G2? You mention a G1 island, but then treat Makuta as one being, and use a G2 mask, and…

Well, it’s unclear.


its G1

So is he the destroyer of the Makuta as a species, or the destroyer of the Makuta?

Also, why’s he using a G2-specific mask of stone?

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It could be a modified kakama. Same way Lhikan has a modifies hau.

Considering the clunky nature of the MOC, I have a hard time believing speed is a concern…

  1. The Makuta and 2) Cuz that fits with makeer

What’s the mask power?

? what?

The same could be said about someone with tectonicly massive hips like Pohatu.

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do u mean what power does the mask have?

Yes, the Mask Power, as it’s typically referred to.

Yes. You know, the kakama is the mask of speed, hau is the mask of shielding, the miru is the mask of levitation, that sort of thing.

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The mask of melting or acidictcal burning