Making logical Sense of Makuta's Plan [Story][Worldbuilding]

I am writing this trying to clarify the details on the origin of the Toa as well as justifying Makuta's time freeze plan.

I keep hearing on the podcast that the more the story is discussed, the less sense it makes.

So here is what we know:

  • Makuta freezes creatures with elemental powers in time.
  • He does this to look for the nuva symbols.
  • The elemental powers are to be used to free his body.
  • Six Matoran with no elemental affinity do not get frozen.
  • They get granted powers by the elemental spirits and become Toa.
  • They set out to look for the mask of time to unfreeze their friends.
  • The Mask of time is fragmented.
  • The Toa succeed on using the mask of time to free the Matoran (or some)
  • Makuta succeeds in getting his body back.
  • Makuta starts to incite a civil war.

Okay lets start with the questions:

  1. Why does Makuta freeze the Matoran instead of just infiltrating and stealing the power he needs?
  2. Does he need the Nuva symbols? Are there other ways to accomplish this goal?
  3. How does he freeze time?
  4. How is he going to use the elemental powers to restore a body?
  5. Why did he specifically froze only creatures with elemental affinity (magic powers)?
  6. How does the Mask unfreeze the Matoran from time?
  7. Why does Makuta start a civil war?

Here are my attempts at making sense of the situation by answering these questions:

He cannot infiltrate the villages and steal the powers because what he requires to do is conspicuous. In other words it would call attention to himself one way or another before he can actually get access to the Nuva symbols. Also, considering he does not know the specific location of the symbols he'd rather not risk calling unnecessary attention and freezes every Matoran. This also leaves them like sitting ducks when he returns. Considering the Matoran are time frozen they have an immunity of sorts towards being harmed. As time does not flow for them, meaning they cannot experience any change in state. Alternatively, it might have been a side effect from a different experiment.
Not sure if he really needs the Nuva symbols, but lets say they are the most efficient method. After all he planed for it. As to why, well, not much reason in the cannon. my personal opinion is influenced by my other post where Elements and elemental spirits are created by the third brother, and given a consciousness by Ekimu/Mata Nui. Thus giving the elements a mixture of two of the powers of Makuta's brothers. Meaning he can try to distill these powers and absorb them as a substitute for his own. As They are his brothers' powers the next best thing.
The time freezing was probably done by the mask of time, because the mask of time is the only thing that can undo the effect. Making only Matoran freeze was probably done by harnessing elemental energies and using them as a sort of white list filter. So it only froze things that had those elemental energies. Basically imagine the Mask of time freezes everything by creating something like a shock wave effect. The filters would make it so it only affects things with elemental affinity or sensitivity. Like using filters. Alternatively, the freezing was a side effect of him looking for the nuva symbols using the mask of time. Basically, he used the elements as filters and the mask of time to search for the entire space-time. As a side effect it froze the Matoran.
Not sure on this one. I talked a little of this on a previous question. However a simple answer would be by using the elements to build himself a new body. In old times people used to believe everything was made of four elements. Same principle of alchemy, use the elements to make something.
This is simple, because he has no body, he needs for someone to search for the symbols. These someones would be the rahi. Can't do that if you freeze everything. Alternatively, it was an accident so he did not plan for it.
The mask unfreezes the Matoran because it can. How maybe a time-space shock wave washes through the island or maybe they have to go an individually unfreeze all the Matoran by touch or a beam.
I am not sure on this one. He needs a good reason otherwise it is just conflict for conflicts sake. Which just makes the entire thing have no depth.

What do you think? any other questions? Any better ideas? any worse ideas? I welcome anything new.


These are all very well thought out, I got no complaints.

I love the part about the matoran not being able to be harmed/change state because time doesn´t flow around them. Makes so much sense. I hope TTV considers this.

Let me answer a few with my toughts
2 and 4:
I always envisioned that the nuva symbols were powersources.

A infinite powersource powered by nature. (or their gods)
The 7th toa (of ligthning) is a pure power scource, artificially created.

These power scources were conducts of elemental power.

Makuta is a god above/maker of them all that and thus in term can also feed his own power from a cocktail of all of them combined...
(imagen like you can drink water but not hydrogen or oxygen.)

He needs them all to regain his true power.

1 3 5
Maybe the mask was to allow the rakshi to move faster and unseen, but the Rakshi of chaotic nature could not use it probaly and thus the mask malfunctioned.
Freezing time in the citys.

Temperal issuss happned around the scources of energy (elemental energy that lends its power to sustain the time feilds), aka the Matorens them self power this process.

The mask is a key, time is the door. The mask can lock and unlock.

7: To sell more comi- I mean there are several reasons:
They are getting close to finding him and he needs time.
If he cannot destroy them he might as well get them to weaken themself.
He desires the Matorens to fight amongst each other to break their unity.
Super villan plot # 117
He puls a palpatine an controls them all with puppets in all cities.

Because he's not alive at the moment.

The first part of this story is the Brotherhood of Makuta, the cult, who go through this ritual to bring Makuta back.

The Elemental Gods "killed" their superiors, the Great Beings, by using their powers and rebelling against them. The Nuva symbols can bring part of them back, but not at their full powered state. Makuta is brought back in the body of a powerless Matoran.

The Brotherhood use the Mask of Time. I thought that was pretty obvious.

The Nuva symbols are conduits for all those with elemental powers, part of the elaborate system that the Great Beings put in place when they created the world. The Mask of Time affects the conduits and freezes all those connected to it - kind of like sending a virus and infecting all those connected.

See above.

The Mask works in a "one-time usage" fashion. When the pieces are returned to their shrines, they unfreeze their section of the island.

We talked about Makuta's motivation on the podcast, essentially he views the entire thing as a bad experiment gone wrong and that his brother was wrong to bring sentience to his creations. He wants to wipe everything, starting by having the villagers turn each other first. There's also some added incentive to getting revenge on the Elemental Gods as well.