Makita, Toa of Iron

Original Moc:


I hate to be that one guy.. but those nuvaboobs look kind bad on this MOC.

other than that, looks great :thumbsup:


Well, regardless of how they look, they are a key feature of this moc.
So thanks!

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Nice work as usual wind fall

Woah, did I start a Toa of Iron trend?
I kid, I kid. This looks pretty cool. Nice colors and solid build. Keep this up!

I guess it's alright... the torso atleast flows....

I love the detailed look of this MOC. :smiley:


over all this MOC is really good, BUT THE BLUE PINS ON THE LOWER LEGS REALLY ANNOY ME!!!!

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The golden Breastplate is just out of place for this moc
This Moc
Its the perfect Update of the original Well done
Have a cookie :cookie:


I generally dislike this use of the nuva shoulder piece... but I have to say that on a bulky female moc like this it looks cooler and more cohesive. :thumbsup:


Well at least the breasts work better than on that last MOC

Which is not to say that they fit the styling exactly, but since the MOC is overall less texetured it could work out. The way they are attached does cause them to not line up exactly, which is a bit displeasing to the eyes.

Colors seem to work out, although the transition from old to new silver on the arms seems out of place. Using gold armor instead of old silver armor on the shoulders might negate the contrast. Also the tubes on her hips look bad.

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thats a clear upgrade from the last version

well, the hips are gappy and the tubes look awkward, but otherwise no real complaints.


@Whaddon and @Darknova3529
Thanks! I'm glad you think so! Though it wasn't my moc originally.

Tubes look a little odd, but apart from that good job.

Fantastic. It's come a long way from the original version. But... the chestplate does seem out of place.

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I like how the colour scheme is the reverse (with more silver) of the protector

What do you mean? What protector?

There is a protector of iron moc

I did not know that. Indeed, I had never heard of it