Makoi 2.0 (Revamp)

Hey guys, you remember Makoi?

well I revamped her and completely scrapped the whole ninja idea and went with a space cop.

BIG difference right? I was very proud with her head and had the help of my friend, @Chedzu on discord,

“I dont want you’re high quality garbage.”

thank my brother for this high quality greatness.
he also posed it.

Makoi with her stun baton.

Makoi with her gun.

another picture of her with a gun.

Play of the Game: Makoi

“We’re all retired now.”

and there’s the revamped Makoi, criticism is always great to have :stuck_out_tongue:
-Kahuk the Cowardly


I love her, much much better than the last version, still could be better,

the body is literally hold via a spine, maybe you can do something with that, I love the head tho

I think better lighted pictures would help, but from what I can see, its a pretty good Moc!

I hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

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That one part is suuuuuuper skinny, but not bad.

which part?

The part between the upper and lower chest.

I’m guessing it’s this piece. I need a tire now, QUICK TO BRICK LINK!

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