Mákunah - Rahh


Shouldn’t this topic be in the LEGO Creations category?


Now this thing, now this is beast! I like the tongue especially.

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Oooof, this is real niiice!

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Just cool!
Live the athstetic!

Really big and complex creation, I like it a lot.
Also, welcome to the Message Boards @Makuta_nui_moc!

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Almost looks like some kind of horrific super-Rahkshi.

@LegoDavid It’s good to finally be here (wasn’t letting me make an accnt for awhile until yesterday haha)

@SirKeksalot It is, it’s the nightmares of the toa, infected protodermus and a rahkshi husk, made by Teridax, the embodiment of evil

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did a dog get after the one avohkii? or was that intentional

It was from an old moc I made of a war torn takanuva where it was like sorts the mask of life was gold now silver, but that was scrapped and so It looks cool as like hes missing teeth, so it worked out hahah

I love the use of Avohkiis as teeth. Nice job.

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