Makuta 2016 (revamp? sorta?)

Well, I got bored, and I stumbled across a drawing someone made of Makuta with him looking more slender and thin. That is all I will say about that picture. But yeah! That got the gears in my head turning, because think about it. Ekimu should be bulky because he uses creation, so he has to make things. But Makuta simply uses others to do his bidding, so there's no real reason for him to be as bulky. With that, I decided to get to work on a Makuta prevamp.
Here he is
The eldest brother of the mask makers, Makuta.
(Thanks to @Ghosty for the frame template)

(I already dissassembled him, but I'm planning to remake him as soon as I buy a duplicate tahu and onua)


Going in, I was expecting yet another Ekimu recolor. I'm really, super glad this isn't that.
Looks really good, I like how he's a bit taller than Ekimu is.

also, how did you attach the waist to the upper torso?

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I like that you kept it in scale with Ekimu

Really like how he looks :smile:

That's pretty cool. I really like the way you made it very simple, but not too simple.

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He definitely looks like an older brother with that taller chest

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