Makuta and Extra Heads

Can a Makuta use their shapeshifting power to have more than one head? If so can he use more then one Kanohi, or kraata power? If the Phantoka Makuta did this and then used shapeshifting to go back to one head which is the second head would this have cured their blindness? Would certain powers such as laser vision or power scream be emitted by each head when used? Would this affect the mental abilities of a Makuta such as their mental powers becoming stronger or they become better at multitasking so they can use a mind based power and pay attention to something else as well?

Probably yeah. As for using more masks or powers that’s a difficult one to answer. I do think that it’s more so the armour that is changing and not the Makuta themselves since they exist as a gas.
I’m assuming that the mask in part of the armour as it seems to change for when they do so maybe not for using multiple masks at once.

As for heightening abilities I would have to say no, after all there is no more Makuta in there just the same mass being moved into a different shape.

In terms of the blind Makuta I would say that the second head would also be blind, again it’s the Makuta its self that is blind, so any new shape they take would also be blind.

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Regardless of how many heads a Makuta has, remember that it only has one mind.

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