Makuta and Protodermis

Do any of the Makuta’s powers create any form of Protodermis and not just manipulate existing Protodermis?

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Good question. The only two powers Makuta have that produce any kind of physical substance are:

  • Poison
  • Plasma? (depending on what exactly plasma is the Bionicle Universe)

the rest are energy-based, so if they can make any Protodermis I’d say it would have to be through one of those two.

I agree those are the best candidates but I do wonder if the Makuta ever used their poison as a substitute for liquid Protodermis in their experiments after all there is such things as Hordika venom in this setting.

Would weather control count? The few times we’ve seen the power used by Rahkshi was underground, to generate a mini-thunderstorm and Mini-blizzard. Since it was underground, I would presume it was generating these formations, and by extention, the Makuta would as well.

I guess you could argue that. I personally saw it as a complex manipulation of the existing air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels to create weather effects, rather than, for example, creating ice to then use as part of a hail storm. Might be worth confirming though.

5a ii) And a Makuta using Vacuum Abilities […] could Absorb Vacuum to create and [sic] Air attack??
5a) Yes

Tack on Air creation to that.

If Cyclone operates similarly to Weather Control (assuming ProfSrlojohn’s presumption is correct), it too might be able to generate air.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Quick Healing can be used to make a mountain of flesh by simply amputating limbs and growing them back. The thought is repulsive.

Plant Control, I would presume, works the same way. I think (based off the Kraata descriptions) that Makuta could likely flash-grow a plant from a seed. Both QH and PC obviously need starting material, though.

Also, if we extend this topic to Melding Makuta and guess that the 6 virtues act as opposites to the original 6 Rahkshi abilities, then you obviously have the Creation (opposite of Disintegration) ability.

No clue how the opposite of Fragmentation would work, but there’s a possibility that it, too, could generate Protodermis from nothing (e.g. a Kiril-esque ability can basically duplicate items.