Makuta! and various other stuff

So since I’ve now made a head with mixel eyes that fits every mask that fits the Metru head I decided to make it work with the one weird mask, the mask of shadows. But then I had to make a body, and it was, erm, pretty lackluster. Plus I could probably make a better Neck connection, but that’s not too important.

That basically sums up Makooti

We then have a Surge with Mixel Eyes Am I obsessed? I’ve basically finished it, I just can’t find the last arm, or the leg armor, or the other blue foot even though I OWN 2 SURGES!

Not to mention, I’ve been looking for several weeks, if not a month by now.

Then we have a head. I might keep it with this mask, or use a different one. I don’t know.

I was bored today so I built Xaia a shotgun thingy. Doesn’t look too bad

Need I say more?

Anyways, I’ve been sorta limited recently by lack of ball joints, so I need to make a bricklink order soonish.

C&C welcome, and enjoy!


you’ve become plural


I’m not sure whether to find Mixel-eyed Makuta kinda creepy or extremely goofy.

Wow dat Makooti is sure terrifying

Goofy. Extremely goofy.

I love the stupid Mixel eyes. The Makuta looks spindly, but the essence is certainly there. Surge looks cool, also.

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If you achieving these Mixel eye connections with semi-legal techniques then this is actually quite impressive.

It’s all entirely legal, barring my 2015 mask connection, and my standard head build is also extremely stable. This one is somewhat fragile but isn’t too bad.

In that case, that’s really cool.