Makuta Artorious (Self-Moc)

The lastest version of my Self-Moc. Makuta Artorious is a Makuta of Light, similar to those of The Melding Universe. As such, he does not have Fear, Anger, or Darkness within his powerset, being replaced by Courage, Peace, and Telekinesis respectively.

The broken glow in the dark stud in these images has since been replaced.

Link to the instructions


I like his color scheme.

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ah yes, the dichotomy
Fear and Courage
Anger and Peace
Darkness and Telekinesis

Questionable axes aside, you’ve got some cool ideas like the shins and the Olmak decorations, and what I can only assume is a roborider wheel embedded in the torso. But they’re strung together by some weird choices, like the thin thighs with un-oriented blades and the smooth CCBS armor up against big foot armor that doesn’t look good from the front.

I think the first thing you need to do is figure out what the MOC’s physical styling is, and try to use it throughout the MOC. Personally I’d like to see the entire MOC use the style of the shins, but idk if you have the parts for that.


ohno he’s got the Stand Arrow

Quick before he…


There are some other ideas I have for the upper arms (I agree they don’t fit with the rest of the moc), however, I lack the pieces in the correct colors. I may change it later, but for now it’s what I had. As for the blades, they are slotted into the 2015 armor addon parts on the back of his upper legs. I only put them there so he wouldn’t have an open ball joint on his front upper legs, especially since I already put ccbs armor on the lower legs where the knees would be. I may revisit the upper legs when I redo the upper arms.