Makuta Bitil (Revamp)

From the depths of the ruins of the Makuta robot, a long forgotten being arises. Armed with twin blades, powerful claws, and a Nynrah Ghostblaster, Makuta Bitil rises again to seek his revenge on the Toa who abandoned him and the other Makuta in the Karda Nui swamp.

This is the first of my Makuta revamps.


Awesome, Bitil was my favourite of the swamp bug Makuta. I like the blades on the arms, and the claws are cool too!

I think this looks pretty great

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you know, there's such a thing as too custom a torso, the technic on his waist looks bad.
otherwise, pretty nice.

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Good MOC, but Bitil got disintegrated in the Energy Storm...

Speakin' my mind.

But I think that it could look better with something over it.


Wow this is a great MOC! smile

I'm currently making a Bitil MOC, mind if I steal a couple things off this one?

Oh yeah and its at least 723 times better than mine, so Imma r8 28/8

Sure. Go ahead smile

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So, this is a great MOC, I am especially biased towards loving Bitil, as it is one of the first things I see when I wake up and when I go to sleep...