Makuta Devon - Post-mutation Mk.II

Here is Makuta Devon revision 2. I completely redid the body, made it custom, and I also added mandibles to the head. I kept the arms/legs the same for simplicity, but if they need to be changed just let me know.

Also, here is the original version made like years ago. The link has the back story and stuff. This is really a step up I think.

Here are the pics!

Here's a nice little body shot showing off his new custom build.

Here's his back. The head needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I felt adding armor there would impede his crawling stance.

Mmm, look at all that sweet, sweet silver.

A better look at the headpiece I designed. I would have used black pieces instead of white, but I was out.

Crawling around, being a monster.

So this mistika claw-foot piece, I'm not sure if it really belongs. At some angles it looks good, and others it really doesn't. What do you guys think? Should I get rid of it, and what should I replace it with?

Alright, so constructive criticism and stuff always appreciated. Hopefully I can get a final version of this guy out soon!


It has a very clever design.

really like the design, reminds me of man-spider.

as for the claw piece, maybe turn it around, or flip it upside down as insectoid spines,
I don't think getting rid of it is a good idea, as the added depth it gives the body helps make it not look to skinny. which would be a problem because the head is so big.
and speaking of the head, maybe add some spines to it? in the back, it just looks smoother than the rest of the body.

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That head is certainly an improvement.

Love the eyes!

First thing, thumbs up for custom mask! The build looks so complex and yet fits together so nicely! The colour scheme has no flaws and overall I'd say this is a pretty steady moc. The blue eyes/facial designs make the blue pins easily bearable. One thing (since I can't find a flaw for this moc) I would change one thing, get two black axles to swap out for the red ones at the center of the chest.

Really, really awesome moc and don't forget to keep on mocing!


Yeah, the blue eyes make everything better... and don't worry, he now has black axles where the red ones were. Stupid red axles, why do you even exist?

Thanks man, now I just need to figure out how to armor the head and what to do with that mistika claw piece.

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Great MOC! I recommend trying to use some system to bulk up the back of the head.

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