Makuta Devon Post-Transformation

Makuta Devon, was once a humble biological researcher working for the Brotherhood. He had two obsessions: Creating a new, sentient and intelligent species, and creating a drug-like substance which would enhance a being's physical and elemental strength. He worked tirelessly, gaining assistance from Toa Ordo's Toa team from time to time, as well as Makuta Spiriah, whom he had a close friendship with.

Devon was in the middle of creating his steroidal drug when Kardak entered the chambers. Kardak stealthily examined the work the Makuta was doing, and decided to have a little bit of fun. The drug was absorbed by injecting it, so Kardak took Devon by surprise and shoved a needle into the muscle tissues in Devon's neck. Devon never saw the attacker however, and the drug knocked him out as he writhed in pain.

Upon waking, Devon discovered that the drug had transformed him into a hideous and large, four-legged monster. In his rage, Devon destroyed his entire lab, setting his experimental rahi free in the process, and destroying most of his work. (This serum would later be perfected to become Visorak Venom) Devon went into hiding, creating a new lab and trying to cure himself of his affliction.

Spiriah found Devon's lab and decided to continue Devon's research as a way of honoring his friend. (It was thought Devon had died because the lab exploded during his fit.)

Here is Devon, post transformation.

Lowered down, Devon still has trouble keeping his emotions in check after the serum.

Now he's in full control, and standing at full height. He is 3 bio high when upright, towering over any Toa or matoran.

He's an older MOC, very simple, but I like the way I executed my ideas for him, creating some sort of really flexible, really animal-like thing that stood on for legs and had six arms. I decided to give him a background story that fits in with my Toa Katarn series (That I should probably update...) and I hope to make him a main villain soon.

Leave constructive criticism and stuff, but I'm not gonna change him anytime soon. He's simple, and primitive, and I like the way he looks currently.

EDIT: Actually, I'm going to consider reworking him, making him a bit more complex and stuff. I don't have a lot of good parts, so I'm going to have to see.


I am not sure if you have seen my old mocs but I have also used the same head design

Not sure if its a coincidence or not but I would wondering if you used it after seeing this.
If not, I would recommend fixing the shoulders and give him a mouth.


Never saw that before, so I'm gonna say odd coincidence. =D pretty cool though.

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I cannot comprehend how cool the fact that the Carapar head piece came in that color is.