Makuta Fenerak- Shield of The Darkness Three

Name: Fenerak
Species: Makuta
Assigned Region:Unknown (What's left?)
Kanohi: Ranok, Great Mask of Rage (originally made by Scotttjt)
Other Titles: Fen, Shield of the Darkness Three, The Reckless One
Personality: Originally calm and collective, after his Kanohi's fusion to his face, he has had constant fits of rage. Deeply cares about and is protective of his 'brother and sister' Vulon and Adrion
Weapon/s: Shield Gauntlets
Status: Deceased
Bio: To be added

What, why the red pins?

Even more?! And blue pins?

What!? This is ridiculous! Wait, where's his head?

Jokes and sarcasm aside, I present...
Fenerak. In case you couldn't tell, I'm not 100% happy with this guy

Yeah, I wanted to make a Makuta using that Mata foot as the head (Makuta can shapeshift, so it's fine) I also wanted him to use the red pins as part of his somewhat bland colour scheme (grey and silver). So the red pins are intentional, however, the blue pins, are not.

So this is the 2nd complete Moc I've made in like, so long. Unlike the first one (the female Makuta Vulon), he is, as obviously shown, rushed and messy looking.

Yeah, like his entirety is too short. I wanted him to be larger, but it just didn't happen. His arms should be bulkier, his legs longer and bulkier as well. Even his torso is a tad short.

Yeah, I have a lot of issues with him. If I just took a bit more time and effort into his design, he could've looked a lot better.
The only thing that I'm 100% happy with him is his torso and head, because I took a bit of time to make it well refined, something not shown in the rest of him.

But hey, at least his stature makes him look somewhat menacing with that head of his.

At least he has a fair bit of articulation. Coupled with the standard, each of his fingers is individually articulate, and his arm design allows for him to fold his arms over the other, like shown.

His bulky lower arms and head makes him look so aggressive in poses, like shown

I actually like this pose a lot for him.

Comparison thing to my equilivant of an Inkia build. He really is too short for me.

Final pic. So there's Fenerak. I'll put up his bio sometime later. Overall, I like him, but not as much as I thought. Will he be updated? Most definitely. After building him I already has many ideas on improving him. So, do you like him at all? Do you see him as much of a monstrosity as I do (I guess it's fits With the whole rage thing)? Tell me!(or something) in the next day or 2, I'll post my second Makuta, and I assure you, she's so much better than this. My favourite Moc I made as of yet, well, except for one 😉. That is all.
Check his 'sister' Vulon here

seems alil too silver, but definately a shield guy

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Yeah, that was another thing I didn't like. I wanted to even out the silver and grey so that the red pins could fit better with his colour scheme. That will be another thing to update to him


This guy is pretty cool, maybe when he get's that update I'll have to give GIF.
But for now no GIF for you.

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I really like him but the head is kinda meh compared to the rest IMO

Well, the build itself definately is nice. I especially like the lower arms/hands.

The red axles don't really work for me as part of the colour scheme, though. You could perhaps try bringing in more black for a black/silver colour scheme.

His proportions are actually to my liking, just the feet are a little small in my opinion, perhaps try to do something custom there when you update him.
Probably it would also help with his overall look if his neck would'nt be angeled forward but up.
The head itself looks good, but it reminds me of a Rahi, rather than a Kanohi (fused or not) I can live with it, but if you want you could overthink it.

Overall a good MOC, hopefully he'll get his bio soon. As he gives reference to two Makuta not yet posted, he isn't accepted right now, but will be, as soon as the others are.

Thanks for participating!

I like this. The builds of the legs and lower arms are pretty cool and the shape of the torso is very good too.

The colorscheme tho makes him look a bit too mechanical, and I feel like the Phantoka Pohatu arms are not that good on his lower legs as they are already used on the thighs.

The head could use some work, but if you would like to use a mask I'll suggest using Turaga Nuju kanohi.

I really like his proportions, they really add to the MOC for some reason.

I like his lower body, but the arms and shoulders just look strange to me.