Makuta G3

Yet ANOTHER drawing from me, this time showcasing Makuta in G3. It has been discussed within the Podcast that throughout the three years, Makuta gradually gains more powerful, becoming bigger and bigger. I wanted to showcase that here, with small, weak Matoran Makky, then angsty teen Mack, then big bad daddy Makuta. As always, C&C are welcome!


Overall I like the presentation here. The usage of red to outline Matoran and Teenage Makuta creates a cool effect against the black body of big Makuta.


These look pretty sick! Nice style.

Darn, you beat me to it.


I like it.

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Mmm, black and red are best villain colors.

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weak matoran makky

you ugly

you yo daddys don

while i laugh that no one will get that reference, ill also say that this really looks awesome. the layout it cool, however big daddy looks too plain